Paradise for anglers


The Agricultural Tourism Guesthouse “The Country Cottage” is located by the shore of lake Łoby. The area of the lake is 66,8ha, length 1,8km, width 0.5km and maximum depth - 9,60m. The administrator of the lake is Fishing Farm Ostróda Ltd.

The Łoby lake is situated nearby lake Isąg (417,8ha) and Łęguty lake (60,9ha). The Isąg lake has many islands where there are flocks of cormorants and the total area of the islands covers 5ha.

In the Łoby lake anglers can find breams, tenches, pikes and eels. The lake is available for angling. Detailed pricelist of the permits is on .

The nearest places of the permit sale for amateurish fishing on the above mentioned lakes is in Ostróda:

- angler’s shop Grunwaldzka Street 2/25,

- angler’s shop Słowackiego St. 9

- angler’s shop Chrobrego St.7g

- angler’s shop in shopping centre “Carrefour” Jana Pawła II St. 9/6


“The Country Cottage” has a pier from which anglers can fish and also fishing rowing boats to hire. It also provides a place for keeping the fishing equipment. In the grounds of the property there are some special places dedicated for preparation and frying freshly caught fish.




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