„The Country Cottage”  invites to engage in Nordic Walking

Among various forms of physical activity Nordic Walking has been gaining the most attention these years. The sight of people marching with poles, once mocked, surprises nobody today. Quite the opposite, Nordic Walking has gained many devoted followers not only among advocates of easy recreation, but also among high-performance sportspeople.

What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic Walking is a combination of marching and the technique of pushing oneself away from the passing ground with specially designed poles, similar to those used in cross-country skiing. Nordic Walking appeared in the 70s, introduced by Finish coaches of cross-country skiers. The first followers appeared in Finland and in Scandinavia, then in the United States and in Europe. Presently, it is becoming more and more popular each year. Nordic Walking is a safe form of physical activity, because it does not overstrain the coronary system and the use of the poles for supporting and pushing makes the march very stable even in a rugged terrain. The sport can be done everywhere, regardless the surface, form of the terrain, at any season and in various weather conditions.

Who is it for?

The phenomenon of this sport discipline is that Nordic Walking can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless the age and fitness: children with parents and grandparents, busy, overworked, tired and recovered from illness people. Nordic Walking is also used in the process of rehabilitation in many illnesses.


The advantages of practicing Nordic Walking

  • Improves thinking ability,
  • Improves the heart performance,
  • Improves blood circulation,
  • Protects the joints,
  • Helps in maintaining a slim figure,
  • Strengthens the spine and spinal muscles,
  • Improves the mood,


 ”The Country Cottage” provides professional equipment and also organises training sessions and coaching in Nordic Walking with a coach (individual and team sessions).


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